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Riley Law Offices represents employees who have suffered a work-related injuries in Redding, Susanville and throughout Northern California. Our office is focused on providing superior service to our clients in a range of industries.

At our Redding Office, you will work with one of our attorneys, throughout the process of obtaining the workers' compensation you are entitled to. You will find we offer employees injured in the workplace honest opinions, straight-shooting legal advice, personal attention and aggressive representation. We will represent you at all legal proceedings and will handle all documentation relating to your workers' comp claim. Your case is never handed off to a paralegal or clerk. Your attorney is attentive and compassionate to your needs through 100 percent of the process.


Officially named 'City of Redding', is the sixth-largest city in the Sacramento Valley. Redding has many close natural and man-made landmarks that make it such a pleasant area to live and work in. You can enjoy the Shasta Caverns, Shasta Mountain, Lassen Park, Shasta Lake, Sundial Bridge, and much more. The largest employer in Redding is actually Mercy Medical Center.


Formerly known as Rooptown, is located on the Susan River. It has a rural atmosphere since it has easy access to outdoor recreation. One popular location that many enjoy would be the Bizz Johnson Trail. An interesting fact is that nearly 50 percent of the adult population work at one of the three prisons in the Susanville vicinity..

Injury Examples

Orthopaedic Injuries Include:

  • Compensable consequences from orthopedic injury include internal and psychological consequences as well as corresponding body part issues.
  • Joint injuries include wrist, hand, knee, ankle, shoulder injuries and others as well as continuous trauma (CT) injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Neck, back and spinal injuries include CT and specific injuries, and they can often cause long-term disabilities, such as paralysis.
  • Burn injuries can be caused by chemical exposure, fire and electric shock.
  • Amputation and crush injuries often involve heavy machinery, loads or vehicles, and they can also result from defective machinery or negligence.

Internal Injuries Include:

  • Stress, hypertension, damage from chemical exposure or cascading injuries from other issues.

Catastrophic Injuries Include:

  • Wrongful death, burns, impalement, paralysis or any injury which causes serious complications.

Psychological Injuries Include:

  • Emotional, discriminatory and stress-related matters.

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