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PSYCHOLOGICAL INJURIES - This is an injury suffered by a worker as a direct result of some action or failure to act by some individual. Injuries to psych can be from stress, PTSD, depression, concussion, traumatic brain injury, chronic pain, or a disorder that involves mood or emotions.

INTERNAL INJURIES - Internal organs including the liver, lungs, bile duct, kidneys, nerves, system, spleen, stomach, gall bladder, and the aorta can be injured due to accident. However, the injuries to internal organs are often difficult to identify immediately following a work related accident.

ORTHOPEDIC INJURIES - More work-related injuries, which result in a visit to a physician, are made for orthopedic conditions. These may include injuries to bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. These injuries affect the spine, neck, shoulder, arm, hand, hip, knee, foot, and leg.

CATASTROPHIC INJURIES - These injuries leave a person suffering from permanent disabilities for the rest of their life. Catastrophic injuries are any injuries which have serious, long-term effects on the victim. Additionally, work related injuries which result in the employees death are classified as catastrophic.


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