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- February 2013

Let’s face it, nobody likes the thought of having to hire a lawyer. The very idea of calling a lawyer or making an appointment can be very stressful. If you are like most people, you’ve never needed to hire a lawyer and have no idea what’s involved. You probably have a number of questions and concerns, but for most people, the # 1 question is: “How much will it cost?”

In California, hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer is actually fairly painless. In a nutshell, we only get paid if we are successful.  There is never any money up front to cover costs or expenses and you’ll never receive a bill from us. It costs you nothing to hire us and we only get paid if we recover permanent disability benefits for you. In California, your attorney can't directly charge you for his or her services.

Attorney Fees Are Set by Law

Not only do we only get paid if we win, but our fees are controlled by law and are the same for every lawyer in every California work comp case. Attorney fees are range from 12-15% of the amount recovered in benefits. These fees are determined by the Worker's Compensation Judge at the conclusion of your claim.

Some Attorney Fees Are Paid by the Insurance Company

Not every dispute in a work comp claim involves money payable to you. For example, the insurance company may be voluntarily paying your temporary disability benefits but refusing to approve surgery, an MRI or a referral to a medical specialist. This would be strictly a medical dispute. If we file a claim for the disputed medical issues and win, the insurance company will pay our attorney fees, not you.

Free Consultation To Discuss Your Benefits

At Redding Law Offices, you can call us anytime with questions about your claim or to see if you might need a lawyer. We will gladly schedule an appointment to meet to discuss your case. We will explain the work comp system , what benefits you might be entitled to and whether or not you need a lawyer. There is never a charge for this service or information.

Our Recommendation

Don’t be afraid to call a lawyer if you have questions about a work comp claim or feel that you’re not being treated fairly by the insurance company. At Redding Law Offices, we speak with people all the time who simply have questions about a claim but don’t necessarily need an attorney.

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Orthopedic injuries include:

  • Compensable consequences from orthopedic injury include internal and psychological consequences as well as corresponding body part issues.
  • Joint injuries include wrist, hand, knee, ankle, shoulder injuries and others as well as continuous trauma (CT) injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Neck, back and spinal injuries include CT and specific injuries, and they can often cause long-term disabilities, such as paralysis.
  • Burn injuries can be caused by chemical exposure, fire and electric shock.
  • Amputation and crush injuries often involve heavy machinery, loads or vehicles, and they can also result from defective machinery or negligence at work.
Internal injuries include:
  • Stress, hypertension, damage from chemical exposure or cascading injuries from other issues.
Psychological injuries include:
  •  Emotional, discriminatory and stress-related matters.
Catastrophic injuries include:
  •  Wrongful death, burns, impalement, paralysis or any injury which causes serious complications.

Key Practice Areas:

How Much Does It Cost to Hire A California Work Comp Attorney
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